Thursday, 9 August 2012

A passing thought...

Forty what? Do I notice a wrinkle on my face? Maybe a fine line? Don't know..may be others can. Guaranteed a face pack gold facial, yes that will hide me from myself .The reality of me being disfigured?Mutilated? wait a minute..Am I talking about my inside or this veneer mask?Can you really peep into my inside?Scarred with experiences..angry at myself? or the world? Who do I blame...choices were mine..tastes were mine..then why do I go on banging my head against a wall? Inadvertently I still look for a friend..the one who would take one look at me and be mesmerized..would understand the path that my mind takes over some who would catch my humor even before i speak..a glance and a shared ear where I can churn out my heart's yearning..a touch gentle one..a song which I can sing out of tune, off independence to be me in someone's company...without an afterthought ...I still search...maybe this will be in continuum in my next life...and next...and next....the eternal cycle of birth and death..why do I live then? even after the wrinkle that may have been or still is..why live anyway???

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