Thursday, 28 June 2012

On importance of being.....

Tags and super tags are the established quantitative evaluation of a person. Apart from the name which is the first tag we acquire in life, these tags are the first and last identification of the self in our society. As schooling starts, the ball starts rolling, and thus begins the roller coaster ride. It’s the up slide and downslide through the roller tracks that leads us to the final destination which is called a  "profession".
When we meet someone, we seldom hear the name clearly, and ask the next question “You are?”And then comes all the tags that have been collected over the years, all our lives: “He is an M.Tech you know” or “He is the senior HR in...” “He has just finished his Business studies in IIM” or maybe “He is the MD/CEO/Executive Director/Manager/Senior Manager/junior whatever” and the list is never ending and completely bemusing.

Meeting people professionally, we are often sensitised to the designation tags that is carried by the people we meet, as we are in awe of the power quotient of “who’s who” in the industry...but the same introductory pattern creates amusing anecdotes socially at times.
Often sitting at a corner in a party, I would observe people around me and notice many anomalies in them. For e.g.- A formidable  MD getting quite threats from his wife for indulging too much in drinks or a noted socialite secretly picking her nose, and then, a known educationist trying to educate a young belle with his educated wandering...and many more.

Completely wrapped up in multiple packages, we are lost somewhere inside. Its often when I meet someone, that I ask them “Who are you really, inside all the wrappers? When do you stop and smell the flowers? What are your pleasures and what are your pains? What do you do when you have some time in your hand?”... and that should be the flavour of a person.....the beginning of a knowing and making friends. 


  1. If a carpenter does not make a chair for those high profile persons, then where will they sit? Now think the carpenter is maximum 8th standard. But his creation is most precious for the educated person. Valuable is the chair, not the person. When you are on the chair, you are god, step down from the chair you are dog.

  2. Let's break the tag... Nice read :)