Monday, 22 September 2014

The Woman

She was tired at three in the morning.
Justifying her duties, her earning too.
You see, she got her salary and her bonus
For being good and paying her dues.
You are curious, yes I was too
Till I saw her  servitude.
She served her man and his family
With  completely positive attitude.

She was a wife, had borne him children,
The fourth one had died at childbirth.
She couldn't lament as she was told
 It was will of God ,a short life on earth.
She had served her in-laws, patiently
With tender love and care.
They were old and quite demanding,
She dared where others didn't do their share.

Her children were all well fed
and were achievers of sorts.
She was a proud mother and
An example for all.
She supported her husband all her life
Reveling in all his glories.
She forgot her own dreams somewhat
And took care of all his worries.

He too cared immensely for her
And rewarded her handsomely
With gold and gifts and kind words
Also money for  her needs,
His needs and wants fulfilled her
And passion filled nights ritually.
He came and went as he wanted
And took care of her, cordially.
She waited for him with bated breath
For the goodies he would offer
He was kind, don't get me wrong
And never let her suffer.

Her rewards were with all bonus points
As she performed quite well
And never shouted, argued sometimes
But all in quite good faith.
The only thing that bothered her
Were the terms and conditions
You see, her payments were delayed
If the boss wasn't happy with her

The gifts and love all soured
Leaving her nights empty.
She had to be good and obedient
To get her dues aplenty.
Or she would starve night after night
Confused and undecided.
Suppress her wants and random thoughts
As she wasn't to be excited.

Her wants and needs,you see
Her licence and registered number
All lay with authority,
And they never troubled her.
So her days were spent in suspense
If her salary would be full,
Her bonus points and advance
Would make her life wonderful.

Only, she felt chained sometimes
With performance and duties
Wished she could fly really high
On her dreams and fantasies.
If she could also laugh and cheer
As and when she wanted
Spend a life of wishes and dreams
With a freedom it warranted .

(Dedicated to all the dutiful and dedicated women of Indian Subcontinent)


  1. Very well written Mou di ...every bit is true!!!!

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  2. tis is d mohua I knw:sensitive,subtle n stylish...lookn for more such treats

    1. Thanks a ton Mahua.You are an inspiration